Property taxes are calculated through a joint provincial/municipal process. Each year BC Assessment determines the value of your property and Kitimat Council determines the tax rate for the community (see Finance Department Reports for our current and past tax rate bylaws). The property value and tax rate are multiplied to find the taxes owing.

Tax notices were mailed out in May 2019.

Payment of property taxes was due July 2, 2019.

Your property tax includes school and regional district taxes.  We collect these taxes on their behalf.

Residential water and garbage fees are also included in your property tax.  Seniors receive a 10% discount.

Note:  If your property assessment goes up, it does not always mean your property taxes will also.  An increase in property assessment means higher taxes only if the percentage increase exceeds the community's average percentage increase.

How we determine the tax rate

Tax authorities, such as local governments, schools and regional districts, develop their annual budgets and determine how much revenue will be needed through taxes to cover expenses.  This target revenue is divided by the assessed value of properties to arrive at a tax rate.

Paying Taxes

You receive your property tax notice in May each year.

Payment of taxes can be made through:

  • online banking
  • Paytm Canada app
  • debit card
  • cash
  • cheque dated no later than the deadline date

We do not accept payment by credit card unless it's through the Paytm Canada app.
Note: Payment through the Paytm Canada app can take up to five business days to process. Read more below.

Payment must be received by the District of Kitimat by 5:00 p.m. on the property tax due date or a 10% penalty is charged.

 Avoid the Line, Pay Online
 Use online banking with the following financial institutions:
  • BMO
  • CIBC
  • Envision Credit Union
  • RBC
  • Scotiabank
  • TD Canada Trust

Search for "Kitimat taxes" under "Payees".  The exact name may vary depending on the financial institution.  Contact your financial institution if you need help.

Use your Credit Card with the Paytm Canada App

We do not accept payment of property taxes directly through credit cards, however we accept payments through the Paytm Canada app.

To pay your property taxes with your credit card through the Paytm Canada app:

  • download the Paytm Canada app and set it up as needed
  • choose "District of Kitimat - Taxes" as the biller or payee
  • enter the roll number from your property tax notice
  • enter the amount you will be paying and submit payment to us
Note:  Payments done through the Paytm Canada app may take up to 5 business days to process. Be sure to make your property tax payment in time for us to receive it no later than 5:00 p.m. on the property tax due date. 
Pay in Person

The District of Kitimat main office is located downtown on the third floor in City Centre Mall.

Reception desk hours are 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

There is a drop slot available by the office doors for after hours drop-offs.

Note: We are closed on July 1 in lieu of Canada Day.

Pay by Mail

If you pay by mail keep in mind that the payment must be received at the District of Kitimat office no later than 5:00 p.m. on the property tax due date; the date of the postmark is irrelevant.

Mailing address:

District of Kitimat
270 City Centre
Kitimat, BC
V8C 2H7

Don't forget to apply for your Home Owner Grant.  See below.

Home Owner Grant

A Home Owner Grant (HOG) is available to Canadian citizens or landed immigrants who reside permanently in BC. A home owner is entitled to the grant if they occupy an eligible residence as their principal residence.  Read more on the provincial government website.

Apply for your HOG by the property tax due date.  If you apply after this date your grant will be reduced.  

Three ways to apply:

In Person

You can fill out and sign your HOG application at the same time as you pay your property taxes at the District of Kitimat.

The application is on the back of your property tax notice; this is the "tear-off" portion at the bottom. 

See "Paying Taxes" above and scroll to "Pay in Person" for our location and office hours.

By Mail

You can fill out and sign your HOG application and mail it to the District of Kitimat along with your property tax payment.

The application is on the back of your property tax notice; this is the "tear-off" portion at the bottom.

Please read over "Paying Taxes" above for more important information.


To apply online for the grant you will need your roll number and password, both of which are on your tax notice.

If you recently purchased the property and your name isn't on the property tax notice, please contact the Finance Department at 250-632-8900.

Please note:

  • You are the one responsible for applying for the Home Owner Grant even if your bank is making your property tax payment for you.
  • Since the HOG application is on the back of your property tax notice, if you give your tax notice to the bank for them to make the tax payment, you will still need to go online to apply for your grant.  
  • If you are not going to make your property tax payment, you can still apply for the grant.

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