Future water system will mean fewer water advisories

Some might find the subject a bit dry, but we’re excited to be embarking on a two-year project to upgrade the community’s water system.

In order to meet modern regulatory requirements - and in doing so prevent future water quality advisories - we will be upgrading our water system in a number of ways; water conditioning, direct sand filtration, and UV disinfection. The focus this year is to complete the design and apply for a construction permit from Northern Health. Meanwhile, a pilot plant study, involving a smaller version of the proposed treatment system, will run over the next five months for our utilities crew to test a variety of products to confirm the proposed treatment design.

The pilot plant arrived in Kitimat early in March and is located beside one of the water pumphouses. Construction and commissioning of the new treatment system is planned to be completed by the end of 2023. To fund this project’s estimated $8.25 million cost, the District has applied for the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program’s Green Infrastructure – Environmental Quality grant.


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