The District of Kitimat is moving closer to adding and updating tipping fees for both residential self-haul users and commercial-waste customers at the Kitimat Landfill.

The bylaw to implement these changes will be presented to Kitimat Council for a third reading on September 11, with a plan to present it for adoption at their September 25 Council meeting.

These changes at the landfill are an important step in meeting the goals of Kitimat’s Solid Waste Management Strategy and Action Plan. This report - available at - highlights the ways our landfill has fallen behind modern regulations.

The District recognized after this report that it needed to update the way waste is managed in the community. Already, there have been significant updates through the WayLessWaste program, by implementing additional streams of curbside waste collection. We are happy to now collect garbage, recycling, food waste, and yard waste from the curbside.

If adopted, starting November 1 self-haul garbage trips for residential users will remain free for 2023, unless the load is weighed at more than 100 kilograms, then a $50 per tonne rate will be applied.

In 2024, the per trip cost for loads less than 100 kg will become $5, while the per tonne rate for more than 100 kg will rise to $75.

There will be updated costs for commercial waste as well, starting at $50 per tonne in 2023, and rising in future years.

Also, the scalehouse at the Kitimat Landfill will be going into operation in October and once in place all vehicles will be weighed entering and exiting.

A full list of proposed fees, noting special rates for certain types of waste, is available at

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