APRIL 23, 2019 – NORTHWEST, B.C. – Thanks to over $175,000 in funding from the Provincial Rural Dividend program the Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine, City of Prince Rupert, City of Terrace and District of Kitimat are putting boots to the ground to activate a regional attraction and retention strategy. The strategy will ensure the region is able to adequately address future labour needs.

Since 2017, the region’s local governments have been working on developing a marketing and human resources strategy with the aim of showcasing the Northwest. The participating communities will now begin the process of developing and issuing a Request for Proposal to execute that strategy.

"Working together to raise the profile of the Northwest will help ensure the region's competitiveness in attracting families and workers who want to live and stay in the region and contribute to sustainable, vibrant communities for years to come,” said Kitimat Mayor and Chair of the Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine, Phil Germuth.

The overall goals of this project are to increase skilled and unskilled labour forces in order to fill local employment needs and to retain the existing workforce.

“The goal of the partnership is to establish the region as a top choice to work and live in our province. This funding is the financial support we need to put that plan into action,” said Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain.

The funding from Rural Dividend was announced April 22, 2019 and will be dedicated towards developing and executing a research-based strategy, including branding and an advertising campaign that will extend throughout the province.

"This regional initiative will allow the Northwest to grow and encourage new families and residents to plant long-term roots in our communities. The strong show of provincial support for this project will help ensure local companies have the staff they need to move their businesses forward,” said Terrace Mayor Carol Leclerc.

The BC Government’s press release can be viewed here.



District of Kitimat
Michael Dewar, Director of Economic Development
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Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine
Deklan Corstanje, Economic Development Officer
(250) 615 6100

City of Prince Rupert
Veronika Stewart, Communications Manager
(778) 884 6285

City of Terrace
Karisa Petho, Communications Advisor
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