Haisla Nation

Haisla dancers at the Haisla Bridge celebration

Since incorporation in 1953, the District of Kitimat has always sat within the traditional territory of the Haisla Nation.

The District's place within Haisla Territory has not always been well acknowledged, in fact the establishment of Kitimat as a community with strong industrial development took place largely without any effective, or meaningful inclusion.

Haisla Nation also was not immune to the hardships faced by Nations across Canada through settlement and policies of assimilation, from community displacement, to the residential schools legacy, and to devastating sickness.

Reconciliation, partly, is facing a tough past in a new era of understanding.

The District of Kitimat recognizes the importance of creating a new, stronger relationship with Haisla.

We are proud of recent efforts to work closely with the Haisla Nation in developing a unified vision for the direction of our communities.

 gi guáƛap̓ ni (Working together / Helping each other)

On Sunday, June 2, 2024, the District of Kitimat and Haisla Nation Council signed a friendship agreement, called gi guáƛap̓ ni.

This document sets the foundation of the work that will continue for years to come between the municipality and the Nation.

A reproduction of the agreement is below:


A reproduction of the District and Haisla friendship agreement

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