Roads and Sidewalks

Our roads, walkways, street lights, traffic lights, signage, parking lots and bridges are maintained by the Engineering Department and Public Works Yard.Municipal crews at work outside

Streets and walkways map
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If you are looking for a permit application related to road work, check on our Applications, Licences and Permits page under the Engineering and Building Departments section.

Parking in Residential Areas - Recreational Vehicles (RVs), Boats and Trailers

Read up on the parking regulations for recreational vehicles, boats and trailers on residential lots.  

Be aware that they are different between summer (April 1 - October 31) and winter (November 1 - March 31).  Winter regulations are more restrictive because of space needed for snow clearing.

You can find more information on parking regulations under Part 3 Division 4 of the Kitimat Municipal Code.

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